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  • Benefits of Mineral Makeup

    Mineral makeup is often selected by Hollywood stars because of its versatility, coverage, and non-comedogenic properties. They wear a lot of makeup, for long periods of time, so choosing a product that will not clog pores is very important, especially when they trade on their looks. No wonder, then, that this particular type of makeup has grown in popularity over the years with other folk as well. Ingredients of Mineral Makeup The ingredients listed below play a role in the composition of mineral makeup. Bismuth Oxychloride This material adds a slight shine to mineral-based makeup. It is known for its translucent and adhesive properties, and fair absorbency but should be used in moderation as it may cause allergic reactions or irritation in some skin types. Kaolin Clay Kaolin clay is very absorbent and increases adhesion as well as oil absorption. This particular material is not good for dry skin types. Average coverage is provided by this mineral makeup ingredient. It has a creamy consistency. Magnesium Stearate This mineral is highly adhesive and it has average, matte coverage. This particular mineral improves adhesion in mineral makeup. Micronized Titanium Dioxide This particular mineral is translucent and offers UV protection. Though micronized titanium dioxide is more expensive, it offers amazing results. Rice Starch Rice starch is considered to be a skin soother and an emollient. This particular mineral makeup ingredient is translucent, with cohesive properties. Sericite Mica This particular mineral adds shine to the mineral makeup formulations. The mica has translucent qualities, with adhesion and fair absorbency. It is very silky to the touch. Talc Not all mineral makeups use it, but talc can preferred by some because it does not have a dehydrating effect. Kaolin clay tends to be more dehydrating Good Things About Minerals Makeup

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